About Us

I have spent the better part of my years either in the air, dreaming of flight or with my head in the clouds, the latter being responsible for much of my unconventional thinking.

DSCF3766My aircraft deicing apprenticeship started almost by mistake in the mid nineties while attending flight school. I began to work for a consulting and engineering firm in Montreal that had been contracted by Transport Canada and the FAA to conduct aircraft deicing research and development in the wake of a number of global deicing-related accidents. Before long, my aspirations of flying commercially vanished in a gigantic spray of deicing fluid, replaced surprisingly by a passion and intrigue for this bizarre niche segment of the aviation industry. After a decade of managing high-level projects, most of which were directly related to historical methods of aircraft deicing, my interests shifted to the development of new technologies and procedures for ground deicing optimization. After another six years of directing research and development work in this even smaller niche area, I felt the need to tackle new initiatives, and Deicing Innovations was created to be my vessel.

The global aircraft deicing industry has matured rapidly and it is my belief that we are on the cusp of very significant changes and improvements in the upcoming years. Innovative and green technologies are ready for implementation, and Deicing Innovations intends to be there at the forefront of industry change.

– Michael Chaput