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International aviation regulations prohibit the takeoff of aircraft when snow, ice or frost is adhering to wings, tails, control surfaces, propellers, engine intakes and other critical surfaces of the aircraft. This rule forms the basis of the “Clean Aircraft Concept”. To this end, the aviation industry has developed ground de/anti-icing procedures and technologies to maintain the safety of winter flight operations.

Aircraft deicing is critical to flight safety because ice accumulation on aircraft surfaces such as wings and stabilizers can have a detrimental impact on aerodynamic performance. In accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR), airline operators (CAR 705 operators) are required to establish an Approved Ground Icing Program (AGIP) that is subject to Transport Canada oversight. An AGIP is established to document specific procedures, guidelines and processes for the operation of aircraft under ground icing conditions to ensure that safety of operations in winter conditions is not compromised. An AGIP is further necessary to ensure that everyone involved in the operations of aircraft under icing conditions understand their respective responsibilities and are properly trained and knowledgeable of their respective duties.

Air operators conducting operations under CAR 702 (Aerial Work), 703 (Air Taxi) and 704 (Commuter Operation), as well as foreign air operators operating in Canada are not specifically required by Transport Canada regulation to have an AGIP. These operators are strongly encouraged to develop and implement such programs however.

As part of the AGIP requirements, operators must develop and implement a Quality Assurance Program that, for the purposes of the ground icing operations, ensures that the established, documented and approved deicing and anti-icing processes and procedures are being effectively utilized by employees and service providers, thus contributing to safe deicing operations.

Deicing Innovations is pleased to offer a wide range of services to global clients of all sizes related to deicing programs and deicing quality control:

  • Development, implementation and refinement of Ground Icing Programs;
  • Development, implementation and refinement of Quality Assurance Programs;
  • Development, implementation and refinement of Training Programs;
  • Deicing audits, assessments, gap analyses, process verifications for air operators and service providers; and
  • Corrective action reports and plans.

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