Airbrau – Munich Airport

If there’s another reason needed to love flying to or through Munich Airport, Airbrau is mine. Where else in the world but Bavaria can you find an open-air beer garden located on an airport site?

Munich Airport beer garden

AirBrau, Munich Airport’s brewhouse par excellence, is conveniently situated in between Terminals 1 and 2 in the heart of the airport centre. They have at least 5 different types of homemade beer available at all times of the year, and at $2.5 Euro for a half litre, the price is not only right, it’s downright cheap. In addition to the exceptional beer, the atmosphere is surprising wonderful for an airport. The food, as one would expect, is traditional Bavarian and large portioned, and I have yet to try anything on the menu that I wouldn’t recommend. For a “when in Munich Airport” moment, head to Airbrau before your morning flight and have veal sausages with a couple of wheat beers.

Munich…my kind of airport…

Airbrau: great place for traditional beer and food