SureHOT+ Service Expands to Copenhagen

SureWx, the leading provider of electronic holdover time solutions for air carrier and airport applications, has announced the launch of the company’s SureHOT+ electronic holdover time solution at Copenhagen Airport.

SURE WX 04_1SureHOT+, SureWx’s signature data solution, employs measurements from a patented sensor system located at an airport to compute precise, dynamic holdover times (HOT) for any aircraft de/anti-icing fluid on the market. The meteorological and HOT information can be requested by flight crews and other end users at various stages during preflight planning activities via wireless device.

SureWx currently provides data solutions at over 130 airports in North America, Europe and Asia, and the company is embarking on a global expansion of its business in the upcoming months. The company has other SureHOT+ installations planned for an additional 10 airports, including Amsterdam, Stockholm-Arlanda, Stockholm-Bromma, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Newark and Boston.

The sensor unit installed at Copenhagen Airport is the company’s first installation in Scandinavia, and second in Northern Europe after Helsinki. More importantly, the installation at CPH will be the first to employ SureWx’s new Generation 3 hardware, which will allow airport and air carrier clients to receive more frequent data updates and to receive better data resolution, thus increasing the value to the end user. Juha Fieandt, SureWx’s Director in Northern Europe, deserves a lot of praise for the company’s expansion in these areas.

“This is a historic day for our company for many reasons”, says SureWx CEO Michael Chaput. “To add an airport of the magnitude of Copenhagen to our network is always a reason to celebrate, and I am thrilled with the support we have received from Copenhagen Airport. But what is really exciting about this installation is that it’s our first Generation 3 hardware site, which is a game-changing development for the company. And then finally to have this installation go into commercial operations in Denmark, the home of our owner Jørgen Clausen, is just even more special.”