Setting Course for the Vancouver Marathon

I am off to Vancouver on Saturday for the annual SAE G-12 meetings. As luck would have it, the Vancouver Marathon goes on Sunday May 3, and I am enrolled in the 42.2 km race. I am either a fool or a very determined person.

220565_179025173_XLargeWith a little luck and a fast run, I’ll hobble into the Steering Committee meeting on Sunday afternoon with a head full of ALEVE® and a whiskey in a coffee cup.

For those wishing to greet me at the finish with a beer, please visit for the course route. I should be done 3.5 hours after the start time.




  1. Mike,
    You definitely deserve an “ATTA BOY” for perseverance my friend! Enjoy Vancouver…..The finish line looks like way to much walking from the hotel for me……I’ll meet you in the hotel later with a beer.